The Giant Insider|June/July 2021
Gettleman is enjoying his new title after making moves in the draft
Chris Bisignano

STOCKING UP FOR 2022 Dave Gettleman’s 2021 draft trades yielded three picks in 2022 including one in the first-round.

Dave Gettleman has been the captain of draft rooms for nine seasons in the NFL and has never traded back in any one of them. This year was different.

“I’ve tried to trade back numerous times in my years in Carolina and here,” Gettleman said after being asked by the media why he has never moved back. “It just never happened. I’m not going to get fleeced by another team. It has been a myth that I’ve never tried.”

Gettleman was cocked and loaded, ready for this draft.

After the Eagles and the Cowboys swapped picks giving the Birds the 10th pick, they predictably selected wide receiver DeVonta Smith, the player Gettleman had his heart set on. But did Dave panic? No, he seized the moment.

Gettleman called Chicago’s general manager Ryan Pace to gauge his interest in moving up.

“I called Ryan because I knew they were looking quarterback,” Gettleman said. “Ryan put a nice offer out there, but not good enough. I said if he wanted to get our 11, then we need a one. That’s what he did, and the deal was done.”

Ahhh, Trader Dave strikes!

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