Ourlads' Giants draft analysis
The Giant Insider|June/July 2021
A year full of firsts due to the COVID-19 pandemic made the entire process leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft both unorthodox and limited.

Some players had their season canceled, some players opted out for the entire fall while others opted out about halfway through, and some players were pulled on and off the field without warning. NFL teams had a lot less access to prospects and the Scouting Combine was canceled. There were questions on top of questions on top of questions in an industry where scouts work all year to turn over every stone, speak with every contact in a player’s life, and watch every second of tape. While the draft is always an educated guess, teams were left in the dark more so this year than ever. Year 2 of the Joe Judge era is underway and it appears he is having more impact on the big picture than what we are used to seeing from a head coach, as seen with what happened when the Giants were on the clock in Round 1.

The Giants were leapfrogged in the first-round by a pair of NFC East foes. The Philadelphia Eagles traded from #12 to #10, sending a third-round pick to the Dallas Cowboys, to draft Alabama wide receiver, DeVonta Smith. The Giants certainly at least had Smith on their shortlist of desired players, and the trade caught many of us off guard. Whether or not Giants would have taken Smith at #11 won’t ever be known in all likelihood, but Eagles general manager Howie Roseman clearly made the trade with the Giants in mind. Dave Gettleman, who had never traded down prior to this weekend, received an offer from the Chicago Bears as they were watching Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields tumble. It was an offer Gettleman could not refuse, highlighted by a 2022 first-round pick and as well as other selections.

Pick #20 (Round 1)

Kadarius Toney – WR/Florida – 6’0”/193

The Giants were then on the clock again at #20 overall and the plan to bring in another playmaker for Daniel Jones was still in the scope. Leading up to 2020, Toney’s career was interrupted by a few off-field issues and injuries which led to 10 missed games over three seasons. That, paired with some visible emotional issues on the field, made him one of the most questioned players coming into 2020. He then cleared a lot of the gray area with a dominant season filled with highlight-reel performances. Toney, a First Team All-SEC performer and Second Team All American, broke out. He was the Gators’ leading receiver and added 12 touchdowns including 10 as a receiver, one as a rusher, and one as a returner.

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