No consolation prize
The Giant Insider|June/July 2021
Kadarius Toney is far from a fall back guy
Chris Bisignano

The Giants went into the 2021 NFL Draft with one thing in mind, to get themselves another game-breaker. Yes, they signed free agent Kenny Golladay and he will help on the outside, there’s no question about that. But Dave Gettleman and company still wanted another weapon for Daniel Jones, another receiver who can stretch a defense.

The Giants knew Ja’Marr Chase would not fall to them at 11, but the hope was that either DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle would, making one of the Alabama twins a Giant.


The Dolphins, in somewhat of a surprise move, selected Jaylen Waddle at six overall. It’s not what the brain trust at 1925 Giants Drive expected, but there was no need to panic. They knew they had a good shot at Smith.

But then the unthinkable happened. The Cowboys traded their No. 10 overall picks to the Eagles (who were sitting at 12), and just like that, the Smith dream ended. Predictably, the Eagles grabbed Smith with their 10th pick and Gettleman was forced into plan B.

“It was not a big surprise,” Gettleman said, describing the Cowboys and Eagles swapping picks. “These things happen. Howie (Eagles GM Howie Roseman) called me this week about trading up. It doesn’t happen often trading with a division opponent, but it happens.”

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