Golf Links That Embraces British Golfing Tenets Of Fun And Furore
Golf Asia|August 2021
Along the northwest coast of Cornwall is a golf links that embraces British golfing tenets of fun and furore.
Benny Teo

Upon arriving at Constantine Bay, one cannot help but turn their attention to a gnawing 27-hole golf club that unwittingly, has become the town’s main attraction. And why won’t they? This is after all a course built by none other than Harry Colt, who was instrumental in helping Bobby Jones with the creation of one familiar name, Augusta National.

But what Colt had was magical. Cornwall, along the England’s south-eastern coastline, provides a breath-taking view of linksland at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by seven glorious sandy beaches, all within a mile of the first tee. As with all true links the wind is always a major factor and means that no two days are ever the same at this magnificent course.

The location means that golf is available throughout the year and maintained to the highest possible standard for anyone who visits. This has led to Trevose being selected to host some major events in recent years including The Brabazon Trophy (2008), The McGregor Trophy (2012), and the English Men’s County Finals (2017).

The first hole at Trevose Golf and Country Club is long – 440 yards from the men’s tee - but the fairway is generous, as long as a right-handed hook or left-handed slice can be avoided (you can’t have everything). From a raised tee right in front of the clubhouse, golfers usually have a quiet audience of at least one or two souls to ensure that the opening strike is shrouded by healthy, sporting tension. In all of British golf, there can be little that is more satisfying than driving the ball down the middle from the first at Trevose.

This championship course, a classic link opened in 1925, occupies a landscape of rare, natural, peaceful beauty. The first hole sets the tone. It runs downhill towards towering sand dunes that rise and dip before flattening into Constantine Bay. At the north end of the bay, the rocky Trevose Head juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, and from there as golfers gaze out to sea from the first tee, entertaining golfing hopes and optimism- the next, distant stop is North America.

“It was in the mid-1950s that I first set eyes on Trevose,” writes Peter Alliss, the legendary voice of golf commentary on the BBC, in the book, ‘Trevose Golf and Country Club – A Golfing Gem’. “I immediately fell in love with the place. The views were fantastic, and the friendliness of the club was outstanding.”

There are lots of exceptional links golf courses dotted around the British and Irish coastlines, but there might not be another links club of this highest golfing caliber that can also boast such a laidback and family-friendly welcome as Trevose.

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