Audi E-Tron GT Quattro
Golf Asia|June 2021
Sustainably Electric And Viscerally Emotive Mobility

The Audi e-tron GT is exciting electric mobility in a four-door coupé. Spearheading the charge are the thee-Tron GT Quattro and the RS e-Tron GT. Combining emotive design with a powerful drive, dynamic handling, a long-range, convenience, and sustainability, this is the Gran Turismo of the future for the brand with the Four Rings.

The exterior is a dynamic work of art with a long wheelbase and wide track, large wheels, and a flat roofline. Details are harmonious – from the headlights, the powerful Quattro blisters, and the wheels, all the way to the large diffuser at the rear end. The standard glass roof is even available in light carbon fibre-reinforced polymer as an option.

With a drag coefficient of just 0.24, active elements manage the aerodynamics. The rear spoiler extends to two positions, the full panel underbody flows into a broad diffuser, and some wheels are equipped with aero blades. The outer skin is made entirely of aluminum.

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