Will Covid Bubble Push For IPL Over Tests?
Cricket Today|October 30, 2020
There are already concerns that cricket’s landscape has been both, exposed and changed in the wake of the pandemic as teams such as Australia have preferred to host India but have had little compunction in calling off series against New Zealand...
Sreelata S. Yellamrazu

Even as the Indian Premier League 2020 in the UAE is becoming a successful experiment after the Test series in England in terms of playing in a biosecure environment, it might not only be the soaring financial cost that might make these events untenable in the future.

The disparity in cricket could not be more prominently emphasized than in the manner in which cricket reorganized itself once the coronavirus pandemic took on a global hold, forcing nations into lockdown since March. Now cricketers such as Eoin Morgan and Jason Holder are suggesting that while playing cricket is the need of the hour, there might be a toll the cricketers will have to pay. This might not be good news for international tours, coming as it does from two of the cricket world’s illustrious contemporary cricketers.

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