Rishimukh|December 2020
What does it mean to have a mind like crystal? Gurudev explains, “A pure crystal assumes the color of the light reflected in it. Likewise, the soul in you comes to reflect the Divinity. Even the senses come to reflect Divinity and become totally active. When you look at the mountain, it reminds you of the Self, the Consciousness. You see a flower and it reminds you of the Consciousness.
Bhanumathi narasimhan

Bhishma, the greatest of warriors, was lying on a bed of arrows, waiting for the auspicious moment to leave his body. After the day’s battle had ended and the soldiers had returned to their respective camps, Krishna and the Pandavas went to see him in the evening. Bhishma was waiting for Krishna. Seeing Krishna and being in His presence was the only thing he found worth waiting for.

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Religion and Politics

For ME God is the Aliveness Happening IN, WITH, AND AS ALL EXISTENCE.

5 mins read
Spirituality & Health
Jan/Feb 2021

WHOLE EGG SCARE: Facts and Fallacies

I can’t remember how many times over the years I’ve cracked open an egg, separated the protein-loaded egg white from the egg yolk that contains fat and cholesterol, and only consumed the egg white.

4 mins read
Muscular Development
February 2021


Gerbarg's unique artworks are developed from cropped images taken from her 3DVR colored light sculptures, with a virtual camera, in a virtual world. The color' brush' strokes 'painted' with colored light in the virtual world (3DVR), and the entire process, exclusive of the artist's physical abstract expressionist stroke-making gestures, is digital.

2 mins read
Art Market
Issue #53 November 2020


MICHAEL RICHARDSON celebrates the miraculous nature of our everyday existence and explores the reasons why we are not attuned to the miracles all around us in every moment. He encourages us to open our eyes to the miracle-nature of all things.

4 mins read
Heartfulness eMagazine
November 2020

Taste of Life

DR. V. RAMAKANTHA is a former Indian Forest Service officer and member of the Green Initiative at the Heartfulness Center at Kanha Shanti Vanam in India. Having spent most of his working life living in forests and jungles, in tune with the natural world, he shares his knowledge about some of the amazing medicinal plants of India, starting with Parijata, the Queen of the Night.

8 mins read
Heartfulness eMagazine
August 2020

A User's Guide to Living - Part 8

DAAJI continues his series on everyday living, introducing the seventh universal principle of the User’s Guide, which is to let go of revenge, resentment and retaliation for any wrongs done and instead develop the art of gratitude, which includes both being grateful and giving thanks. This seventh principle allows us to transcend reactive, negative thinking when things don’t go our way. As we evolve, it becomes a fantastic tool to help us accept and trust in life, whatever it brings, so that we can soar into higher and higher states of consciousness.

10+ mins read
Heartfulness eMagazine
August 2020

Christ and Krishna

Throughout the pandemic, RABBI RAMI has been posting his responses to questions stemming from people’s concerns with COVID-19 in special editions of Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler at

5 mins read
Spirituality & Health
July/August 2020

Prakash Raj seeks CCTV footage of MAA polling day

Actor Prakash Raj has sought to examine the CCTV footage of polling day (October 10), alleging that actors Mohan Babu and Naresh had displayed ‘unruly and anti-social’ behaviour.

1 min read
The Times of India Hyderabad
October 15, 2021

River projects: T yet to give consent for takeover

Govt Hopes Centre May Defer Decision

1 min read
The Times of India Hyderabad
October 14, 2021

Of Weight and Value

The human mind has the power to create value and also to strip value

3 mins read
Yoga and Total Health
October 2021