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PLAY Magazine UK|November 2021
Remasters of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas are strongly rumoured

As we await yet another version of GTA V (a game originally released in 2013 on PS3), this time on PS5, it’s hard to remember how prolific the golden age of the series was on PS2. Not only did GTA III hijack the open-world genre in general, but follow-ups Vice City and San Andreas took that to an even higher level, all within three years. It’s a trilogy worth remembering, and, as is strongly rumoured, worth remastering.

There’s a host of reasons games can’t be released at that rate anymore. For starters, Rockstar is known for its games being cutting-edge. As games have become more detailed, production costs have risen and timelines lengthened. And cranking out three games built on the same foundation is no longer the done thing, especially when there’s the constant drumbeat of GTA Online setting sales records in the background with every new update.

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Criminal Empire

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