A new kind of superhero rises
PLAY Magazine UK|November 2021
XCOM dev Firaxis reveals its celebration of Marvel’s dark side with Midnight Suns

Comic fans are huge nerds. Us included. When those comics are adapted, be it into movies, TV shows, or games, we crave that same level of passion. Firaxis is the team best known for revitalising XCOM, and you have to admire its Thunderballs for, upon being handed the keys to the Marvel Castle, deciding to make a game all about the semi-obscure ’90s superhero team Midnight Sons (here revised as the less male-angsty Midnight Suns).

Our own Mim remembers the comics well (and still has many). The books were dark and edgy in theme, yet bright in colour in the classic Marvel style. In the comics the Midnight Sons, formed by two versions of Ghost Rider, and including Doctor Strange, Morbius, Blade, and more, were outcasts. Yet together, those hardened, supernatural heroes became a kind of found family.

It’s not an obvious choice, which you have to respect. Yet it makes perfect sense not just for the type of story Firaxis wants to tell, but the way the studio wants it to play, too. Nazi-adjacent organisation Hydra has revived the Mother Of Demons, Lilith, and in turn she seeks to revive her own evil master, Chthon. Such dark powers are beyond what the Avengers can deal with on their own, requiring them to join forces with the Midnight Suns. But even as the Avengers kit up in their Suns-approved emo gear, they need one more person. They need you - the legendary Hunter.


You are an ancient warrior, and the forsaken child of Lilith. Only by your hand was she defeated before. You’re free to customise The Hunter so you feel like a genuine superhero, and you become the glue holding together these Midnight Suns of circumstance, leading the team through battles against demonic forces.

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