The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|September 2020
It’s good enough to keep you coming back for moor
Luke Kemp

At last, Skyrim is whole once again. East and west had been sundered due to temperamental High Kings, and also because this DLC hadn’t been released yet. Now, you can go west, in the open air. Go west, but life isn’t peaceful there. There are vampires and witches all over the place! And you’re just the hero for the job.

On the surface, Greymoor isn’t as attractive a proposition as the settings for past Chapters. There’s no one wow-factor addition. Summerset offered a gorgeous new area, while Elsweyr introduced dragons. Western Skyrim is largely aesthetically similar to the base game, and it doesn’t introduce any fan-favourite creatures. Get in and play, however, and none of this matters.

We can’t pretend to not be disappointed at the lack of a new class. However, vampirism has been given an overhaul as part of the free update accompanying the paid expansion. Skills, bonuses, and vulnerabilities have been reVamped to ape a traditional class. It’s easier to find a priest to cure you, should you so wish. Becoming infected in the first place is still a pain in the neck, though, forcing you to seek out a very rare enemy unless you can get another player to feed on you. Coincidentally, you can buy instant vampirism for a hellraising 1,500 crowns.


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