Suicide Squad take on PlayStation 5
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|November 2020
The Arkhamverse expands to Metropolis for the next gen
Ian Dean

Rocksteady Studios is ditching the cowl for its long-in-development new game. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League may be set in the same universe as the developer’s Batman: Arkham series but we’ll be playing as Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang in this all-new game.

Heading to PlayStation 5 in 2022, this game puts four-player co-op up front, though you can play the entire story campaign solo and hot-swap between the four infamous team members.

Protagonist and antagonist Amanda Waller has planted explosives in the heads of our unlikely heroes; DC’s super villains reluctantly become part of Waller’s secretive Task Force X. We anticipate all is not what it seems.

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