Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|October 2020
More than mind games
Jess Kinghorn

Making dream logic work in games is a design conundrum. The idea itself is enticing, but how do you design a dreamscape’s unique sense of internal logic so it’s simultaneously otherworldly and yet predictable enough for a player to follow? With Superliminal, part of that conundrum may well have been solved.

In this optical-illusion-infused puzzler, you are a sleep therapy patient. It’s not insomnia that plagues you, but negative emotions like self-doubt. That’s where SomnaSculpt comes in, offering a new perspective through dream-focussed therapy – at least, that’s what the brochure says. Alas, there’s nary a daydream about snogging Keanu Reeves to be found, as what the brochure doesn’t cover is the nightmare you get trapped in: Inception-style freefalling through layers of dreams as you try desperately to wake up.

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Cannabidiol or CBD for short has become extremely popular throughout the United States and the entire world. Various research has been conducted on the effects of CBD. Thus, it has become the hottest new supplement that promises to treat a wide range of conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and pain. Moreover, CBD is available in all types of forms, from oils to lotions and CBD-infused drinks and foods. But, does it even work? Let’s find out.

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