Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|October 2020
Still super, not quite as hot as it once was
Alex Spencer

Here’s a game with a problem baked into its very existence. Specifically, 2017’s Superhot VR. The first game was a thrilling novelty, a high-concept shooter where time only moved when you did, but the PS VR edition perfected that idea by immersing you in the game’s physics-warping reality and letting you control the impossibly cool action with your own two hands.

This sequel-slash-spinoff (it’s free to anyone who already owns the original Superhot) is left to justify its own existence as a traditional 2D DualShock-controlled shooter. Well, I say ‘traditional’. It’s still a game that gives spacetime a good kicking, allows you to face off against crimson mannequins that shatter like glass when you shoot them, and takes every opportunity to mess with you.

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