Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|March 2020
Much improved, but still some way off egg-cellent
Ben Wilson

For years this publication bemoaned the lack of quality PS4 games focused on niche sports, but in recent months Cricket 19 and AO Tennis 2 (see p92) have addressed those complaints, and quashed them in some style. Which is reason enough to raise hopes of some oval-ball goodness being drop-goaled into your life. Alas, that goodness does not come in the shape of Rugby 20.

To give developer Eko Software some credit, this is a leap forwards from unfathomably bad predecessor Rugby 18. Its action is still too heavily based around rucking, but the scrum mechanic is novel (both sticks down to crouch, shoulder buttons to engage, both sticks up to push) and set-pieces work tidily when timed correctly, your scrum half whipping the ball to his outside centre, then reversing to the inside centre, with perfectly timed taps of o then u.

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