Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|February 2021
Bartek Kmita reveals People Can Fly’s shooter secrets

We’ve seen squad-based looter shooters before, but few that feel like this. With retro-blasts such as Bulletstorm under its belt, People Can Fly has crafted some incredibly moreish, fast-paced shooting. We speak with creative director Bartek Kmita about how the studio blends that secret sauce...

OPM: One of People Can Fly’s strengths seems to be the guns. What’s the team’s approach to crafting great gunplay?

Bartek Kmita: Gunplay for every shooter is this Holy Grail, that you have to do this good and that you have to do this properly. Unfortunately, different players have different opinions on what is good and what is bad [laughs]. We can take recoil for example – some people like the recoiling guns, some people don’t like the recoiling guns. So first you have to be sure that what you’re doing is the best approach for your kind of game.

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