Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|January 2020
Magic and masochism in medieval Japan

Format PS4 ETA 13 Mar

Pub Koei Tecmo Dev Team Ninja

2017’s Nioh was a pleasant surprise, offering Dark-Souls inspired combat in Sengoku-period Japan, infused with magic and fantasy. Nioh 2 feels like everything a followup could and should be (set before the first game, it’s a prequel of sorts).

Our hands-on sees our new, customisable half-demon protagonist making his way through a village, dispatching impish creatures with relative ease – although just as in FromSoftware’s souls borne games, any enemy you encounter will prove startlingly dangerous if you don’t keep your distance.


You can see Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden DNA here – cherry blossoms fall delicately from trees, while stone walls give way to bamboo structures, and it all looks exceptional in 4K on PS4 Pro. Swirling leaves and rocky steps bathed in water help create a powerful sense of place.

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