Mirror's Edge
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|April 2020
Every month we celebrate the most important, innovative, or just plain great games from PlayStation’s past. This month, it’s time to stretch our virtual legs, take a run up, and enjoy the sunshine with some ferocious freerunning
While EA is painted as the bad guy of the industry at least once a year for some reason or other, including for playing it safe, let’s not forget that it’s been responsible for greenlighting some unique, memorable titles over nearly four decades. Games such as Dead Space, Unravel, Titanfall… and this. Mirror’s Edge is a game we’ll never forget for all the right reasons. Mirror’s Edge defied convention in several ways. The story concerns a city some time in the future, where everything is clean, peaceful, and comfortable – but all this luxury comes at the price of a brutal, totalitarian government. Your character, Faith, is a ‘runner’ who delivers info in person to avoid the ubiquitous communication monitoring. Dystopias were nothing new in games even in the noughties, but this dystopia was bright and shiny. Purposefully eschewing the browns and greys that were in vogue in videogames at the time (and arguably are even now), yours is a playground of pure whites, vibrant reds, and sharp blues that leap from the screen.

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