Marvel's Avengers
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|December 2020
Saving the world from randomised loot?
Oscar Taylor-Kent

Honestly, as much as we loved Marvel’s Avengers there’s no getting around that its launch, as far as its online side goes, has been more than a little messy. When you consider the number of ‘betas’ players could access in the run-up to release, it’s especially surprising that some of the issues players have had to put up with weren’t tested and addressed earlier.

Each of the six superheroes in the launch game comes with a premium challenge card. That’s essentially a fixed, character-specific battle pass rewarding you with cosmetics such as emotes, nameplates, and costumes for completing daily and weekly challenges. (For new heroes, these cards will cost 1,000 credits, the same amount you can earn on one challenge card.)

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