LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|February 2021
Every Star Wars movie has been rebuilt brick by brick

We've been waiting to play through the Star Wars’ saga’s greatest moments, and this year will finally see the release of this tour around the galaxy far, far away.

While the PS5 version will use the console’s SSD to ensure faster load times, Dawn McDiarmid, lead hub designer at TT Games, tells us that DualSense, ray tracing, and 3D audio won’t be supported at launch, which is disappointing. With the bad news out of the way, we quiz her on what is included, and why this could be the best game in the Lego series.

OPM: How has the extra development time helped you?

Dawn McDiarmid: The biggest thing we’ve gained from our extra development time is really a chance to polish and refine the systems and features that needed that extra little bit of love to make them as fun and challenging as we hoped they could be. Our amazing team has been pulling out all the stops for this one, even while the whole studio adjusted to working from home.

OPM: How did you choose which Star Wars events to include?

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