Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|Christmas 2019
Grid looked in the mirror and did behold its nemesis…
Justin Towell

For those in the know, the return of Grid is a very exciting prospect. The thought of all that frantic, spectacular, close-contact racing purring away on PlayStation 4 hardware has been almost too tasty to imagine. Picture it: cool licensed cars, tarmac tracks, tyre walls and tyre smoke, and heavy impacts showing off the latest damage tech of the incredible Ego engine. Right? Well, about that…

The premise is unchanged and easy to love. If you’re bored of sliding off into gravel traps all day long in more serious racing games, Grid offers a more arcadey alternative to the likes of Assetto Corsa. The handling is still based on real-world physics, yet tweaked to allow for scandalous power slides, late-braking overtaking manoeuvres, and ‘rubbing is racing’ competition which lets you trade paint without forcing you into a retirement because you cracked a wing mirror.

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