Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|Christmas 2019
Latest DLC fails to make a lasting lunar impression
Dave Meikleham

There might not be a hairy lycanthrope waiting to chew on our jugular, but we can still feel a bad (and kinda sad) moon rising. Bungie’s latest expansion to its space shooter sequel tells a downbeat, often creepy tale. Returning to the lunar patrol zone we explored in the original game, the latest chapter in your Guardian’s adventure feels like a recooked entry.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ushers in a new era for the MMO blaster. For the first time, Bungie’s sequel is now free-to-play. Almost all of the base game’s year-one content is available to play absolutely gratis, including all launch missions, strikes, raids, and the always-ace PvP Crucible duels. Yes, you’ll have to fork out £30 to access the new Shadowkeep campaign, the new raid, and the rather underwhelming arena-based Vex Offensive. Yet for casual (and stingy) shooter fans, the now-free FPS colossus is a damn near irresistible package.

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