DARKSIDERS GENESIS Meet a better duo than Adam and Eve – and let there be fight!
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|April 2020
There’s a reason this game is called Genesis. This dungeon crawler isn’t just the earliest in the Darksiders timeline (someone tell THQ how time works), it is so by a massive margin. Set shortly after the Four Horsemen take up the task of upholding the balance of the universe on behalf of The Council, it takes place when the damage caused by Eden’s fall is still fresh, and war rages between Heaven and Hell.


With paradise burning, humanity has been relocated to start anew. But The Council believes Lucifer still plots against the humans (who are integral to The Council’s machinations). With Death and Fury elsewhere, it’s up to War and Strife to team up, buddy-cop-style, and put a stop to the demons’ plans. Starting out by taking the fight to Samael, whose fortress is under siege, they temporarily join forces to track down and destroy the mysterious superweapon that Lucifer is having constructed.

Genesis has the tone of an edgy ’90s comic, but is able to wink at its own darkness. It never takes itself as seriously as something like Spawn. As it’s a prequel, there’s plenty here that builds on Darksiders lore for fans to latch onto, but the story is also light enough to ensure anyone less in the loop can still have fun. War and Strife are a classic comedy double act – Strife’s cheesy, sassy one-liners shine next to War’s deadpan irritation at everything happening (though they do share some closer moments on their journey).

CREATURE COMFORTS While in a lot of respects Genesis plays a bit like Diablo (and also has the whole angels and demons thing going on), a large injection of Darksiders’ essence keeps it unique. You’re not farming for loot, though there are plenty of collectables hidden around the isometrically- presented levels. You can trade in souls and Boatman coins for upgrades to the horsemen’s gear and movesets, discover new tools, and find Trickster keys that allow you to access to optional areas (often filled with their own loot).

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