Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition|February 2021
An RPG where you’re up against the clock
Time is a mysterious thing, and it’s what Cris Tales is all about. Not only is the action built around a time-shifting, time-scrying mechanic, time’s also core to the game’s identity. Inspired by the dev team’s passion for classic roleplaying games like Chrono Trigger, Cris Tales is their attempt to evolve what they loved about those RPGs into their own modern take on the genre.

What results is a game that isn’t just thematically about time, but one where its effects can be seen in every visually wonderful frame. Once lead character Crisbell has unlocked her powers, when you walk around and explore the world you see past, present, and future represented all at once, the screen divided into three images.

To achieve this the devs haven’t simply created all the characters and environments three times (which would be a lot of work in itself), they’ve produced many more variations, as you can alter the past and future on your adventure.

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