World War Z: Aftermath Review
GameOn Magazine|Issue 145 - Nov 2021
World War Z or WWZ from here on in, has received a healthy update in the form of the Aftermath expansion. Coming in a few flavours for PC; a full-fat £30.99 release for anyone who has yet to obtain the game, or a 15.99 expansion for existing owners of WWZ.
Neil Hetherington

Publisher: Saber Interactive Inc

Developer: Saber Interactive Inc

Genre: Action Release Date: Out Now

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

In addition to the multiple choice SKU offerings, this release also marks the addition of Steam to the list of available platforms you may find the game on.

So what do you get for your £30.99/£15.99 or regional equivalent? Well, definitely not Brad Pitt for one.

Aftermath brings two new campaigns, four new characters, a brand new class and a drizzling of additional weapons to highlight the bulk of this update. Navigating the streets of Rome or trying to survive the cold wastes of Kamchatka, each of these new missions brings new mechanics to the table in an attempt to spice up each playthrough.

Beginning with Rome, we take control of four new characters to the series, including a Daniel Ricciardo lookalike, if you had ordered the race driver from after a heavy night of drinking. They add some more lore and backstory when reading their descriptions, but don’t really add anything to the actual gameplay.

When it comes to the campaign spice, each one brings an additional challenge or two which need to be considered as you’re battling the seemingly never-ending hordes of zombies. In Rome, you’ll come across APCs which have automated turrets on the roof. However, said turrets require ammunition crates which are scattered around the level, so they may continue to deliver those sweet rounds of freedom.

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