Playdate Console Update
GameOn Magazine|Issue 142 - August 2021
Andrew went on a Playdate
Andrew Duncan

Panic, the team behind the upcoming Playdate handheld gaming platform, have held a Playdate Update ahead of E3 2021.

Christa from Panic came on to talk about how progress has been during the pandemic. However, that hasn't put a damper on things!

Cabel, Panic co-founder came on and showed off the Playdate Stereo Dock - that's right, an additional piece of hardware for you to buy. It charges the Playdate while docked, is a stereo Bluetooth speaker, and uses the Poolsuite FM app, an online radio station app for the Playdate. It also holds pens - including the Playdate ballpoint pen. It's coming soon, after the launch of the Playdate itself.

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