Mad Max: V8 Quest Entry Two
GameOn Magazine|Issue 135 - January 2021
I’m trying something new with this series, something along the lines of the Metro Diaries written by Andrew, only not exploring the main story of Mad Max, but rather documenting the journey I have into a long term goal: installing the Ultimate Big Chief V8.
Dane Townsend

Dane continues his way through the Wasteland.

So, after the rather aimless yet somewhat fruitful ordeal last time, I found myself in Deep Friah’s stronghold. It came to my attention that I hadn’t completed a quest in a while and doing so would probably be quite beneficial for my mission considering the rewards.

With that in mind, I decided to talk to Deep Friah Here, he seemed to be rather upset that one of his trusted followers had deviated and rebelled against his leadership, stealing something called the “Pilot Light”. He promised to give whatever he could if I could return the object to him.

Before I could begin the mission however, I apparently had to look at a certain sign for clues as to where his Acolyte had disappeared to. Why this was is anyone’s guess, as the sign was literally marked on my HUD instantly, so any sense of mystery or discovery about it was kind of squashed. Whatever the case, Deep Friah translated the hieroglyphs on the sign to mean that I must visit the Burning Mound at dark. So, a time-sensitive mission. Great.

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