Hot Wheels Unleashed Review
GameOn Magazine|Issue 145 - Nov 2021
When you were a kid playing with Hot Wheels who didn’t picture racing the cars around your house? If you didn’t then you have no imagination. I’m just kidding, maybe I just had an over-active one.
Alana Dunitz

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.

Developer: Milestone S.r.l.

Genre: Racing Release Date: Out Now

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

So when I saw the announcement trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed I was very excited. It felt like it was bringing my childhood imagination to life, so Iknew that I had to check it out. Finding people to play split-screen multiplayer with me was easy, my sons who love playing with their toy cars, wanted to try it out too.

In the base version of Hot Wheels Unleashed you start off with a tiny collection of three cars; one a licensed Fiat 500, and two real-life Hot Wheels original vehicles. There are multiple versions of the game, each one with its own assortment of vehicles. The base game has an inventory of 60 vehicles, but if you want to expand your collection you can purchase DLC packs that will feature themed tracks and different vehicles.

The map consists of races and other challenges like time trials and boss battles. Some of the time trials require you to beat a set lap time or other times it switches it up and has you complete a full race in a set amount of time. When you complete one of these challenges, you unlock other races on the map and you also earn money and gears that you can redeem towards new hot wheels cars or blind boxes that will randomly give you a car. I would rather know what I am getting so I just go to the shop and purchase the vehicles I like. My son loves the idea of blind boxes, sometimes he was super lucky and got a rare car. Other times he got a super slow car like a bumper car or a burger car. Sure a burger car looks cool, but man it is slow. Luckily you can sell most of the cars if you really don’t want to keep them then save up for something you want more in the shop. I found a few of the cars to be very overpowered like the Bad to the Blade car. It is ridiculously fast compared to others so I’m curious to see if Milestone, the game developers, will nerf some of these vehicles in a future patch.

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