Back4 Blood Review
GameOn Magazine|Issue 145 - Nov 2021
Shredding through hordes of the undead whilst The Hive blared out of the jukebox in the background, that’s when I knew I was sold on Back 4 Blood. There were plenty of valid concerns before the game's release, ranging from Turtle Rock’s failure with Evolve, to worries about the in-game card mechanic potentially being used as a bridge towards in-game purchases.
Neil Hetherington

Publisher: Warner Bros.

Developer: Turtle Rock Studios

Genre: Survival Horror Release Date: Out Now

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

For the most part though, the game absolutely thrives. It’s evident to anyone who’s played Left 4 Dead that Turtle Rock were channelling their previous success in the zombie-shooter genre when designing Back 4 Blood. They managed to nail that same overall feeling, whilst also creating a game that doesn’t feel they’re simply rehashing their past. Their previous work on Left 4 Dead has clearly laid the foundation for Back 4 Blood, but outside of the zombie massacring, there's clearly an effort to create something different here.

Importantly, the core aspect of Back 4 Blood is a blood-fuelled zombie killing romp. Players can either go in alone with three AI, or team up with up to three other players to tackle the zombie horde put in front of them. Unlike Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock's newest zombie shooter offers an array of characters, with each offering unique perks that will affect how both the player and team will react. This really shows how the game continues to differentiate itself from the source material that inspired it.

Players can create decks that allow them to build a character that suits their playstyle. Being able to focus on offence, defence, or even supporting your teammates, Back 4 Blood offers plenty of unique options to shape your playstyle. Throughout the game's acts, players are able to find new cards that can be cycled into the deck to create a build that can take on the higher difficulties. Some of these are freebies that everyone can pick up, whereas some require you to part with some of the copper you’ve found on your travels. Both options will always provide you with a random card, so the freebie is always worth it but sometimes you have to weigh up if purchasing a card is the right step for you and the squad.

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