Fujinon GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR
Digital Camera World|October 2021
Shallow-focus heaven from this GFX lens
Peter Fenech



1 f/1.7 is hardly a spectacular aperture for a full-frame camera – but in the world of medium-format, it’s massive!

2 We love the aperture ring and tactile focus ring, which hark back to an earlier decade of photography.

3 The barrel is solid, and the metal lens mount adds to a very professional feel.

Medium-format lenses are always going to seem oversized when compared with an APS-C or even a full-frame lens. This is unavoidable: the image circle of a medium-format system needs to be that much bigger, to cover the sensor area. This means more glass, a larger diameter and, in turn, more weight. This naturally drives up the price – and with it the certain expectations that premium product buyers will have.

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