When G7 tech levy breaks... spend it all on the NHS
Sunday People|June 06, 2021
Demand by nurses, Labour
Nigel Nelson and Chris McLaughlin

NURSES and Labour are urging Rishi Sunak to use the £8billiona-year set to be raised by a new global tax on tech giants to save the NHS from collapse.

The proposed system will let nations tax profits generated within their borders by firms such as Amazon by “at least” 15%, regardless of where their HQ is.

Emergency nurse Mel Kerr said she hoped the cash raised would be used to ease pressure on “broken” colleagues.

Mel 26, who works in Lincolnshire, said: “The money this deal will bring in must be spent on the NHS.

“This pandemic has thrown a bunch of complications, stresses and pressures on staff that are already broken. They are walking away from the jobs they once loved and staff shortages will break the system if nothing is done.”

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