This Rowlocking Good Fun Rocks!
Sunday People|November 08, 2020
In a minor distraction from the mind-boggling US election and Lockdown 2: Countdown To Christmas, celebrities vomited over the side of a boat for our viewing pleasure.
Sara Wallis

Who doesn’t want to see Corrie’s Craig Charles suffering at both ends behind a flimsy piece of tarp?

Don’t Rock The Boat, on IT every night this week, felt like an I’m A Celebrity warm-up act with no bugs. Twelve celebrities were “pushed to the limit ” and “taken out of their comfort zone ” as they joined a colossal 50-mile race to row the length of Britain.

At every stage they also faced terrifying land-based challenges to win a night of comfort for their team – a posh hotel bed and fluffy dressing gown for the winners, a tent in a soggy field for the losers.

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