Life In Flockdown
Sunday People|June 14, 2020
A foal’s faltering first step, a baby goat saved.. welcome to the Yorkshire farm where millions of fans are gripped by..
Amanda Stocks

The trials and triumphs of all creatures great and small are proving to be the perfect solution to lockdown blues.

Millions of people have been fascinated by amazing daily online videos starring the animals on a Yorkshire farm.

And on Tuesday a six-part TV series featuring them starts on Channel 5, presented by Countryfile’s Helen Skelton, 36, and Jules Hudson, 50.

Some of the farm’s most gripping footage has been of boer nanny goat Gladys delivering a kid that was not breathing.

More than 2.2 million viewers have seen the traumatic CCTV footage.

The commentary on the video says: “One of our boer nanny goats has given birth to an unresponsive kid.

“Without assistance it will struggle to survive. Farmers Rob and Dave turn up just in time to help.

“Rob clears the kid’s airway but it doesn’t show signs of life.


“As a last resort Rob inflates the lungs to try and stimulate the kid to breathe, it works and the kid lets out its first call to mum.”

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