Labour has its faults
Sunday People|November 01, 2020
Only good policies can unite the party to win back Britain’s trust

WHAT can you say about the Labour Party this week?

That’s rhetorical. I know what I could say, or what I should say, but I don’t know what I CAN say. Don’t want to get booted out, see. It’s the last club I belong to since Blockbuster shut down.

Better to stay on safe ground.

After the report into anti-Semitism was released it seems all of Labour agrees about the need to improve its processes for tackling complaints.

Shamefully, there were cases mentioned in the report that have been going through the system since 2011. It got better after 2018 but was still slow. Whole thing was a mess.

The reaction to the report itself kind of ignored all that. The bigger news was the suspension of the former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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