Government Left Thousands To Die In Care Homes. It Was Manslaughter
Sunday People|June 07, 2020
Blackadder’s Tony Robinson
Halina Watts

Campaigning actor Tony Robinson today accuses the Government of manslaughter in the Covid crisis.

Sir Tony says ministers are responsible for the deaths of thousands in care homes.

He said: “Care homes have been used as ghettos to get people out of hospitals, so we have had a mini epidemic.

“Thousands of elderly people have died who shouldn’t have died and that is kind of manslaughter really.

“It happened due to inactivity when the facts were on every government’s ministers’ desks.

“We’ve just got to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The lobby still has to be there.”

The star – who played Baldrick in sitcom Blackadder – spoke out after the Sunday People led the way in highlighting the appalling crisis of corona care home deaths.

Almost 15,000 have perished, including 25 in a single home.

A quarter of those who have died from coronavirus were living with dementia and more than 70 per cent of care home residents have the condition.

Sir Tony, 73, said: “If you are confused, the idea that you suddenly can’t see your loved ones anymore is just terrible.


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