Goalden sunset
Sunday People|January 17, 2021
A TRICK of the light, a teenager with a camera... and some eye-catching goalmouth action.
Karen Rockett

Welcome to the wonderful world of Krutik Bhart Thakur, who produced these stunning sunset silhouettes on a beach in India.

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A Call to the Country

Southern Hill Farms Grows in Popularity as Public Turns Focus to Rural Fun

4 mins read
Central Florida Ag News
August 2020

The Cosmic Chaos of India

Just like the cosmos, when you see India for the first time everything seems chaotic and yet every Indian person finds his/ her own order in that hustle which all goes in tandem. Pavan Rajurkar a freelance illustrator based out of Mumbai, capture this Indianness perfectly in his artworks for many different brands and studios. Some of his recent illustrations have been displayed here.

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Creative Gaga
Issue 49

Doctor of Happiness: An Art Essay

SUKRITI VADHERA KOHLI is the founder of Doctor of Happiness, helping young people with depression and other mental conditions through her art and online platform. Here she speaks with VANESSA PATEL about what inspired her to open up this forum, and what a difference art can make to our well-being.

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Heartfulness eMagazine
March 2020

Dynamic Mumbai

Meet with clients amid the city’s kaleidoscopic sights and sounds.

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Global Traveler
March 2020

Discover The Remnants Of Empires And The Seeds Of Independence In Mumbai

Discover the remnants of empires and the seeds of independence in India’s most populous city.

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Business Traveler
December 2018/January 2019

Building A Sporting Nation

Marathons are changing the shape of the nation. We ask the brains behind the Delhi and Mumbai Half Marathons, how exactly.

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FHM India
October 2018

An Expat Learns the Key to Authentic Indian Cooking

Cooking lessons at home in Mumbai.

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April 2016

The 12 Best Rooftop Bars Around The World

The world looks different when viewed from these stunning rooftop destinations.

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Business Traveler
October 2015


One of Indian fashion's brightest stars, Masaba Gupta, 33, is living her childhood dream of acting. This time, she has a part in the Amazon Prime anthology Modern Love: Mumbai

1 min read
India Today
May 30, 2022

The Thing Itself

Arjun Appadurai examines the aesthetic life of objects and reveals how their status and behaviour changes with altering circulation patterns and socio-political contexts.

10+ mins read
Art India
March 2022