Game Of Shame
Sunday People|February 14, 2021
Campaigners’ outrage as hunter lures Brits to kill magnificent beasts
Patrick Hill

A British trophy-hunting boss is offering deals to shoot endangered animals which he boasts are “plentiful” during the Covid crisis.

Carl Knight, 47, who runs Take Aim Safaris, makes the claim in his grisly sales pitch to 3,000 potential customers, including fellow Britons.

He urges clients to travel to South Africa, which is in the grip of a mutant Covid crisis, and Zimbabwe.

There they can shoot lions, leopards and elephants and legally bring home trophies of slain animals to display.

On Knight’s sickening price list an elephant trophy costs 14,000 US dollars – £10,000 – plus hunting fees while lion trophies are 20,000 dollars –£14,500.

In his firm’s latest email newsletter, which contains photos of hunters posing proudly with their kills, he also advertises the chance to slaughter rhino, hippo, buffalo and crocodile.

When the Sunday People told Knight we were about to expose his gruesome business, he said: “You can go right ahead, it’s no problem. I appreciate the advertising, thank you. Please keep it up there.

“I don’t give a sh**. Our hunts are legal and whether you like it or not is of no relevance to me.”

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