Sunday People|May 23, 2021
Trophy hunters flock to sick site Vulnerable prey shot for a price
Chris McLaughlin

HUNTERS use a sick website to book “click and kill” holidays – so they can shoot vulnerable species for kicks.

Their prey include zebras at a starting price of £743 for a killing spree and Cape buffalos at £2,283.

Almost all the animals on BookYourHunt are exempt from forthcoming UK legislation aimed at banning the import of hunting souvenirs such as skins, antlers and heads.

The website has up to 5,000 hunts available for animals such as reindeer (£1,373), striped hyenas (£14,815), golden jackals (£542) and the African civet cat (£848).

They are not considered sufficiently at risk of extinction to make the Government’s designated categories of species to be covered by the new law.

But all are on a “red list” compiled by global animal rights body the International Union for the Conservation of Nature which considers them near threatened or vulnerable.

Others on the hunt list include camels, kangaroos and even sheep.

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