Boris Doesn't Have A Clue ...if Test And Trace Fails We'll Have A Second Peak
Sunday People|May 31, 2020
New system a ‘disgrace that could spark virus wave no2’
Kelly Jenkins

Top doctors have branded the Government’s test and trace programme a “national disgrace” that could lead to a second wave of cases.

The system aims to find out how and where coronavirus is spreading by testing people with symptoms.

Experts have identified 17 possible symptoms but only those with one out of three are to be tested. These are a fever, cough or loss of taste or smell – which chief medical officer Chris Whitty says covers “95 per cent” of cases.

But other medics have rubbished his claim because those with other widely reported symptoms such as tiredness will miss out.

It means many could have the virus without knowing and pass it on.

Boris Johnson has also come under fire for saying he thought the list of symptoms was bigger than it was. Asked about it in a TV briefing on Thursday, a clearly confused PM replied: “I thought we were listing more, but anyway...”

GP Nick Summerton called Mr Johnson’s failure “bewildering” and the Government’s approach as “haphazard and amateur”.

And he said of Professor Whitty’s claim: “It is nonsense. He’s just made it up, basically. I don’t know what evidence he was using.

“Chris Whitty was trying to make out that the public couldn’t keep more than three symptoms in their mind.

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