Don't Stop Me Now..
Sunday Mail|April 04, 2021
With lots of terrific tech and a super sound system, driving Volvo’s V60 Cross Country is a kind of magic
Maggie Barry

“Queen guitarist Brian May has set up a petition to save the hedgehogs’ habitat from being cut down by Sainsbury’s in Guildford,” the radio announcer intoned.

“Oh my goodness,” I thought. “That’s where I’m headed. Will I see Brian? A hedgehog perhaps? Both? A wicked Sainsbury’s even?”

In the end I found none of the above but I did have rather a good time driving around the area in the Volvo V60 Cross Country.

This is the beefed-up version of Volvo’s estate car for those who want all the roominess of the load lugger with the styling of an SUV.

It has roof bars, skid plates with twin exhaust at the rear, a nice spoiler, pretty elongated front lights, an automated tailgate along with the sporty rugged appearance of the utility vehicle.

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