Son Making Me A Prisoner At Home
Daily Star|May 12, 2021
He says I can’t go out
Jane O’gorman

MY son says I must not leave the house for another year for my own safety.

I’ve had both my jabs and feel absolutely fine.

I have all of my shopping delivered and haven’t stepped outside my front door since March 2020.

Luckily, I have a garden, but he doesn’t like me speaking to my neighbours. He thinks it’s best I stay where I am until he believes the “coast is clear” – and he’ll tell me when that is.

I love my boy (my only child) but can’t help thinking that this is his way of keeping me in my box.


My problem is that I don’t get on with his wife. She’s never liked me. They have two children (now 16 and 17) who I looked after (for free) from birth. My daughter-in-law worked long hours and I kept her home running.

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