9 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas 2019
Hoard Planet|December 2019
9 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas 2019

1. Bethlehem, Israel

Bethlehem is the birthplace of the ‘Christ’ which makes the place a must-visit buck-et-list destination of everyone who loves Christmas.

The grand processions in the name of Christ, Midnight Mass celebrations in the streets of Bethlehem, decorated Christmas trees in the old city, grand parties in Manger Square make the city of 25,000 residents look like an ancient yacht party of celebrating ‘Jesus’ like nowhere else.

It’s a must-visit celebrating destination that gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the long lost traditional celebrations coming back to life.

2. Dubai, UAE

A true oasis of the desert, Dubai, the city of luxury. The land of super advancement, sky-piercing skyscrapers, luxurious shopping, super cool islands and much more.

A destination to celebrate Christmas on the soft sand on a blissful day without missing the regular, tasty and delicious roasted turkey on the table.

Celebrating Christmas nights in an Arabian desert under a million stars is truly an exclusive experience that you should try at least once in your lifetime. The Christmas markets, fairs and grand events of Dubai along with the world’s tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa‘ cannot be missed exclusively on Christmas eve.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, the ‘Tomorrowland’ of the virtual experience and fun. The land where the future-technology meets the oldest tradition. Christmas 2019 in Tokyo will be the 11th Tokyo Midtown’s Annual Christmas celebration and it’s gonna be beyond ordinary with its exclusive ‘starlight garden’ that will be illuminated with over 190,000 digitally controlled LEDs and special inflators to mimic spectacular space-like view.

The place is mainly made for beautiful couples of true love. Infinite Santa Display with 1,800 Santas is truly overwhelming.

4. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio, the land of ‘Christ the Redeemer’, football and Samba. This is a must-visit bucket list desti-nation for any holiday lover. It never gets bored in Rio exclusively during Carnival and on Christmas eve.

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