Maxim Cover Girl competition – Top of Their Class
Maxim|March - April 2021
Meet our stunning group of Maxim Cover Girl competition runners-up
By Anne-Marie Prichett

Tattiana Johnson – 2nd Place

California girl Tattiana Johnson hasn’t always had it easy, but with dedication and consistency, she has always persevered. “You don’t need to be a certain size or have certain things; just start with what you have,” she says. “Everyone is deserving of confidence in themselves and their ability to be their best self.” One of Tattiana’s favorite aspects of the Maxim Cover Girl competition was watching her campaign go viral and seeing the outpouring of love and support on her behalf. It was a dream come true to read all the comments and messages of how she inspired people all over the world to go after their goals and dreams. Tattiana is not stopping here however. This fierce woman has goals. “I want to work with companies that are about inclusivity and embracing all kinds of beauty,” she says. She intends to “use this opportunity to show my marketability to other companies I would like to work with and continue my modeling career. I would also like to continue to build a platform to inspire others to go after their dreams and to dare to believe in themselves.” She is especially interested in supporting and encouraging children because “they are the key to making a better world.” When Tattiana is not modeling, she loves to read, journal, and spend quality time with her family. She also enjoys creating dream boards, kickboxing, yoga, writing erotic stories, pole dancing, and watching horror and action movies. Not only does she have the unique ability to make everything a motivational speech, but she is a motivated and creative person that goes after what she wants. “I am quite resilient, and one hell of an investment,” she declares. One additional note for the men: “I like men that admire and value ambitious women like myself.”

Heather Brock – 5th Place

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