Maxim|March - April 2021
Marina Pahomova shows health and beauty go hand in hand

Model and healthy-lifestyle advocate, Marina Pahomova, stumbled upon her vocation almost by accident. When her sister couldn’t make it to an agency casting call, Ma-rina went instead. They chose her, and she never looked back. Sure, there was time out for modeling school, but that only stoked the already torrid love affair between her and the camera.

“I was extremely insecure at the beginning. And it took me a few years to fully relax in front of the camera,” she tells us from her residence in Texas. “I was fascinated by models and fashion magazines throughout my childhood. So, I guess modeling was a part of my destiny.”

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Superior goats and award-winning cheeses

Rina Belcher runs Belnori Boutique Cheesery, a Saanen goat-breeding and cheesemaking operation near Bapsfontein in Gauteng. Pieter Dempsey spoke to her about raising her animals and creating a diverse range of products, including soft and hard cheeses, a number of which have garnered prestigious awards.

5 mins read
Farmer's Weekly
April 16, 2021


Inspired by the emotional embrace of the song Nessun Dorma, Banggo Niu collaborates with Bea Alonzo to create a bridal collection that is full of love and hope

2 mins read
March 2021

Rinac produces mobile ICU facilities for COVID-19 relief with BASF's Elastopir solutions

Rinac India Limited (Rinac), India’s leading insulated panel and refrigeration system producer, has recently produced mobile medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities made with BASF’s Elastopir®, a high-quality polyurethane rigid foam insulation solution.

3 mins read
Food & Health
January 2021

Coming soon

After 2020 derailed so many plans, this year will see a number of new restaurants open across Australia. Here are just a few things to get excited about.

7 mins read
Gourmet Traveller
January 2021

CL Yachts Launches Lucky 88

For a refreshing change, an Asian premiere was held before a world premiere as CL Yachts unveiled its flagship CLB88 in Hong Kong in August before hull one headed to the US for its public debut.

4 mins read
Yacht Style
Issue 55


It seemed that Gran had known her better than she’d thought, but what exactly lay in store for Stella now?

8 mins read
August 11, 2020

A Passion For Herbs Blooms Into Business Success

The Kasselhoft estate near Leeudoringstad in North West evokes the French countryside with its fragrant lavender and rosemary fields. This is where Trudi and Rina Kasselman run their herbal business and market their cosmetic care and assorted product range. Annelie Coleman reports.

5 mins read
Farmer's Weekly
June 5 & 12, 2020


The artist on inspirational holidays, travelling for food and creating art anywhere.

3 mins read
Gourmet Traveller
June 2020

Get Inspired By These Fearless Women On Women's Day

International Women’s Day, celebrated worldwide on 8th March, is a celebration of women and their achievements in various domains. Women often have to face more challenges in the workplace and in the world in general. Even though the worldview is now slowly shifting towards a more positive space for women we still have a long way to go. For this edition of Women’s Day we spoke to some inspirational women from the capital and decided to spotlight their stories to encourage more women to stand up for their dreams. Read on to get motivated with the journey of these successful female icons some of whom have managed to excel in traditionally male dominated areas. We also wish our female readers a very Happy Women’s Day and hope that the day gender equality becomes a reality is not far from us.

10+ mins read
Delhiites Lifestyle Magazine
March 2020

Pan-African Fashion - Featuring Founder Of Ri.Ch Factory, Rina Chunga-Kutama

Ri.Ch Factory is a celebration of its founder, designer Rina Chunga-Kutama’s rich cultural heritage growing up in Africa, and women across the continent wear her bold prints and colours as a symbol of confidence.

2 mins read
GLAMOUR South Africa
December 2019