For The Win – La-Tanya Greene
Maxim|January - February 2022
Maxim Cover Girl competition winner La-Tanya Greene is an educated beauty with a bright future
By Zeynep Yenisey

There’s a new supermodel in town, and her name is LaTanya Greene.

The ethereal beauty rose to the top of thousands of stunning women who entered the latest Maxim Cover Girl competition, winning the coveted title, the cover of the magazine, and the $25,000 prize. “It’s still unbelievable. It just feels so surreal. I’m still at that stage where I know I won, but it’s like, did I really?” The 28-year old stunner says, the excitement in her silky voice palpable.

At five-foot-three, she’s not your average cover model, but she’s exactly what people have been wanting to see: relatable, real, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. “You should be asking me how short I am—not how tall. I’m pretty petite,” she giggles. “I photograph tall and I have long legs, so people think I’m way taller until they see me in person. I don’t understand how I ended up so short, because my mom is tall and so is my dad. My sister is tall too!”

On top of her show-stopping good looks, she’s fiery, bold, and full of irresistible personality—something that set her apart from the rest of the competition from the get-go and gave her the edge she needed to win the crown. Nothing feels artificial about her; she’s warm and authentic, and has a musical laugh that you can’t get enough of.

Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, the Caribbean bombshell left the island for Texas before she was even a year old when her father joined the Army, and at the age of eight, moved even further from her homeland to the land of beer, bratwurst, and BMWs. “I actually grew up in Germany,” she says, reminiscing of her childhood overseas. “I lived there from third grade to a year after high school, mostly in the Grafenwöhr area” in Bavaria.

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