At First Sight
MAXIM Australia|August 2019

As they make their sexy swimwear shoot debut for MAXIM, controversial Married At First Sight duo INES BAŠIC & JESSIKA POWER reveal all about reality TV, men, the haters, suicide prevention and more...

Santi Pintado
Congrats on your first MAXIM feature, ladies. How do you feel?

JESSIKA (J): I feel very grateful. I’m honestly pinching myself that I could be in this magazine with one of my best friends, Ines. It’s a dream come true.

INES (I): So far, this is one of my proudest achievements to date! I feel really good and confident about it.

Why did you decide to do this MAXIM photo shoot?

J: On the show [Married At First Sight] us girls would hang out by the drinks table at the dinner parties each week and always talk about what we wanted to do when the show finished – all of us always said we want to do a MAXIM shoot.

I: Yeah, it’s been a dream and life goal of mine to shoot with MAXIM. It was one of the first things I pitched to my manager and I didn’t realise until it was going ahead that Jess had also done the same – so, here we are!

What did you love most about this photo shoot?

I: Seeing how confident I felt. I was surprised at how comfortable and good I felt considering it was my first major shoot. It was shot at the start of winter at the Vibe Hotel on the Gold Coast and it was a really good day — the sun came out and it wasn’t cold at all once we got stuck into it.

J: I loved that it was very relaxed and fun. Whenever I see the MAXIM shoots I always think, “Wow, that bitch is slayed to the high heavens!” So, I expected it to be really strict and serious but we had lots of laughs and a great day overall.

Well, you both look great. When do you feel sexy?

J: I always feel at my sexiest early in the morning. I put my music on, I’m in my crop top and short shorts and I just feel sexy and confident.

I: I feel the sexiest when I’m naked and have minimal to no make-up on. When I’m naked I feel most like my truest self.

What is your best asset?

J: Probably my eyes. Growing up, people used to always say that my eyes were captivating. They actually change colour depending on my mood.

I: I love my eyes, too. They’re big and really blue. I also love my strong-minded assertive personality. Women are undervalued and under-appreciated, we endure a lot and these characteristics are useful when it comes to standing up for myself and what I believe in. It also helps me never settle for anything less.

Have you ever used your popularity to get you out of trouble?

J: I actually haven’t. I just can’t be that girl. Like, I’ve never had a one night stand. I feel like you should be respectful and respect yourself. I have a younger sister who is 23 and I feel like I need to be a role model to her and teach her how to be a lady.

I: Never! I’ve never felt “cool”. I’m too modest and pretty conservative around people.

For those who don’t know a lot about you, tell us a bit about yourselves.

I: I came to Australia, as a refugee with my family, from Bosnia when I was four. The war broke out so we didn’t have any option but to leave. I was really independent as a child and teenager and I spent most of my 20s changing careers. Nothing ever felt big or good enough – I always knew I wanted to do big things in life but never had the right platform for it. So, when I saw MAFS was holding auditions, I applied and… here we are!

J: I was born on the Gold Coast but grew up in Perth. My mum moved us there because she wanted to be as far away from my dad as she could when they split. I then had an amazing stepfather but things weren’t amazing after he and mum split. Two years ago I lost my boyfriend to suicide. I’m currently in talks with a charity which focusses on suicide prevention and men’s mental health and planning to speak in schools and other opportunities.

Wow, that’s heavy. We’re really sorry to hear it. What else would people be surprised to know about you?

J: I have a business diploma and I’m currently doing my diploma in event management. I’m also one of five kids – I didn’t want my little brothers to appear on MAFS because I would hate for them to be bullied or teased about it. I: I’m really quiet. I don’t say much but when I do I’m really straight forward.

When you’re not posing for MAXIM what do you girls do?

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