'M'O Filter! - The Best Pic Editing Apps
FHM Magazine South Africa|September 2021
With the rise of social media and smartphones, the sharing of photos has become vital to the social media experience. From selfies, to travel shots, to carefully arranged food shots, mobile photography has become one of the favorite pastimes of many. Even though mobile phones these days are incredible, photos still need to be edited to ensure you get those likes and shares. So here are the essential and best Photo Editing apps for mobile in 2021


Google’s very own photo editing app is an incredibly powerful tool, with its huge range of features and super easy-to-use interface. This free app comes with a range of preset filters, yet unlike other apps you can edit all these filters or even create your own filters for instant beautiful photos. But what truly sets Snapseed apart from its competitors is its precision masking, which allows you to edit the depth of field giving your photos that professional look. The Selective Adjust tool is also incredibly powerful, allowing you to adjust saturation, contrast and brightness to a single point, allowing the artist in you to truly shine.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Bringing the best elements from its desktop software, Adobe is able to cram a lot of its proper Photoshop software into a mobile version. It is packed with features and the best part is that it’s absolutely free. It has all the tools you’d expect – cropping, red-eye correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, borders, etc. However, the best part is its selection of smart filters. This feature automatically corrects the most common issues such as exposure or color temperature, so it’s perfect for the lazy photo editors out there. You will however need to create a free Adobe ID account before you can use the app, so expect a bit of admin, in the beginning, to get your Photoshop Express up and running.


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