Games To Help You Self-Isolate
FHM Magazine South Africa|September 2021
Games To Help You Self-isolate

Twelve Minutes

You arrive home, tired from a long day at work. You find the key to your apartment hidden underneath the fake rock by the pot plant, exactly where it always is. You open the door, relieved to be finally home. Your wife is there, she is excited to see you and claims she has a surprise for you. Twelve minutes later you are dead on the floor after a police detective stormed your house, beat you to death, and arrested your wife on murder charges. Only for you to wake up at the exact moment you initially walked through the front, to experience the exact same twelve minutes again, and again and again.

That is the core premise of the brand new adventure game from Luis António and publisher Annapurna Interactive. A real-time top-down interactive thriller that puts you, the player, in a seemingly inescapable twelve-minute time loop. However, with each twelve-minute run you learn something new, to utilize in your next run to try and stay alive, avoid your wife being arrested and dodging the suspicious detective. It’s an incredibly smart premise and each twelve-minute run is a tense scramble to avoid the mistakes you made in the previous run. Featuring the voice talent of top Hollywood talent, James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe, Twelve Minutes creates a dream-like tension and claustrophobia, unlike any other game before it.

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