FHM Australia|October 2021
Why positive vibes and good music is all we need!Feel

“I am always up for a good challenge, especially when it comes to lifting people’s spirits.”

If there is one thing that can bring this world together, it’s music. And not just any type of music, but music that gets us feeling good and feeling empowered to make a difference and come together with people of all sorts of backgrounds/lives.

Semaj The Poet, a rising artist in the United States, has music that does just this. And beyond just the music, the guy is taking over social media - he’s a TikTok star - and he sat down with FHM to talk about the importance of social media, his fitness routine, dating, and how the pandemic has changed the music scene worldwide. We all need some good music, good vibes and good times!

Why does our society need “feel good” music now more than ever?

The world is so undecided on so many issues right now, I wanted to make music that could bring people together. No matter what background they are from or how old they may be can feel the effects of a groovy baseline.

When putting together a new track, what is your creative process?

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