FHM Australia|October 2021
Munich Motor Show confirms one thing: The future of mobility is electric
Pawan Dhingara

It’s an actual car show with crowds, currywurst, industry spies armed with measuring tapes, and enough walking to lower your health insurance premiums. Yes, the Munich Motor Show (previously hosted in Franxakfurt) was in many ways back to the old format of delivering the hottest product gossip to do with ever-expanding mobility and we’ve picked out a few highlights that will be reaching different spots on the globe in the coming years, or simply inspire the next wave of new metal. Prepare yourselves for a lot of electrification and mood-sensing AI writes Pawan Dhingara

Audi Grandsphere

As the name sort of implies, this is a grand car. It’s long enough to dwarf an Audi A8 and has been described by Audi as ‘a jet for the road.’ Presumably a long wide road with some charging points along it. That’s because it’s fully electric – Quattro of course - with around 700hp and 708lb/ft and despite its size will still do 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. That’s actually the least impressive aspect of the car. All the information is displayed straight onto the dash which is also where the steering wheel and pedals will hide at the push of a button, engaging Level 4 autonomy at the same time. This essentially turns the inside of the Grandsphere into an entertainment lounge and the dashboard transforms into a massive television or can be used as a virtual conferencing center.

Another completely new next-gen feature is how the car will recognize you – its owner or someone with the right permissions – and open its suicide doors as you approach it. The Grandsphere will have parts of your day planned via the navigation and work out the most efficient places to stop for a lightning-quick 10-minute charge, which Audi says will still give you a 300-mile range.

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