TTR Girl|Issue 98

The Cowgirl Issue With our long-awaited cover

C Buck

As this Issue’s Cover Model, how will this Enhance your Career as a Model

Being this issue cover model it will enhance my career as a model by giving me the opportunity for more exposure in this industry and also by boasting my level of confidence to keep working hard!

What aspect(s) of your Life, do you think will benefit from you being published, in Malkia, Brands of Magazine?

Most definitely my personal life. Being published as a model has been my dream since I was 13 years old. Being published in Malkia Magazine has helped me overcome a lot of fears and doubts that I had within myself. I feel so honored!

When your out in public during a photo session, what is/are some the the funniest things that have happened?

I had a photoshoot at the beach just recently and we were located right beside a large family. Of course the men were curious and wanted to watch. One of them had 4-wheeler and my photographer asked could I do a couple pictures on it. Everything was going smoothly until the owner asked could he take a few with me. Well apparently his wife wasn’t having that and she came over screaming to the top of her lungs at him. I was scared for him. Haha! It was by far the most funniest thing. The photographer and I slowly grabbed our things and re-located. We just knew that that guy was sleeping on the couch for the night. Lol

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